Let's enjoy this light reading about one of the most popular programming languages — Python, under this beautiful music. In the end you will know why :)

Python is not a snake, it is named after Monty Python, in case if you are fearful of snakes like me )

So Why Python?

Easy and Fast learn — not enough? F*cking easy readable code — is not that? Simple syntax rules — no? Less theory, more libs — by more I mean much than more, I mean that while you are reading this, someone uploading a new lib in PyPi…

Blockchain's role grows every day. In today's world Blockchain is a part of many products. And usually, we need to interact with blockchain from our web platform.

In this writing, we will not get deep into blockchain details(how to write contracts, how to deploy them, and so on). We consider that all pure blockchain job is done. So we have a smart contract and its address.


Infura is a kind of node storage (cluster). A set of tools that provides its services for integrating your application with the Ethereum network.

With its help, we successfully remove one of the…

Recently I need to write a very fast and flexible crypto lib. And C++ is one of the richest languages with many crypto modules and libs, and also one of the fastest languages. But the problem was that I needed that lib with different languages, mainly Python, but writing the same code with other languages was not the idea I expected for. So the best solution was just called C++ code from Python. …

Despite of other properties programming languages are statically typed(eg. GO) and dynamically typed(eg. Python).

Dynamically typed means that variable gets its type only after value assignment, while statically typed means you give type in declaration. which allow you to just declare variables without assigning values.
And it is always messy turn from one type of language into another.

Variables are nothing but reserved memory locations to store values. That is why in dynamically typed languages you always assign value to variable in declaration, so system can know how much memory should be allocated for. …

Gegham Jivanyan

I'm mathematician and programmer. Currently working at Skycryptor startup, which focuses on data encryption. Chess lover and bicyclist.

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