Dozens of reasons why you should learn Python

Let's enjoy this light reading about one of the most popular programming languages — Python, under this beautiful music. In the end you will know why :)

Python is not a snake, it is named after Monty Python, in case if you are fearful of snakes like me )

So Why Python?

Easy and Fast learn — not enough? F*cking easy readable code — is not that? Simple syntax rules — no? Less theory, more libs — by more I mean much than more, I mean that while you are reading this, someone uploading a new lib in PyPi … again no? Dynamic typed? … hmmm. Open Source code? What about all of this together? Or maybe because Python is versatile and everywhere? By saying everywhere I mean exactly EVERYWHERE.


Data is running the modern world. Everything is data. Everything is based on data and data analysis. Data is the main fuel of every engine in any sphere. In other words — data is a new oil. Knowing how to collect, work, manage and manipulate data is a powerful force and potency.
Again by any sphere, I mean ANY sphere.

Any sphere not only in our work but in our life too, even in our personal life. Don’t believe it? Remember your last crushes or partners. How you met them, why especially them, and how things get done like they were. FB, Google, Instagram, Youtube and other tech giants follow us everywhere, any time, read us, listen to us, even if we are whispering. And force us to chose music, clothes, food, even friends and crushes. But we call it a suggestion. It is easier to live with suggestions, rather than with force :) All these platforms and many others using Python very much, especially when analyzing data which get from following you.

Once I wrote comments under 3 different girls' FB posts. I did not know them, did not remember when last time saw them on my news feed, but FB remembered. First just liked my comment, second liked and answered, the third one reacted with ha-ha, answered, I reacted with a ha-ha to her comment. Guess whose stories and other activities FB started to show me all day after that, and with whom I started to talk and meet? With the first one. Kidding, of course, with the third one. Did I choose her? No, it chose a data science developer from the FB office. F*cking little Amure :)

Horrible, yeah? Don't be afraid, you can not do anything with that, just relax and enjoy.

Economics and Finance

Economic research nowadays becomes very computational. According to HackerRank, Python is used all over the financial industry. Want a create prediction models for stock data, do some time series data analysis, understanding trading dynamics to risk management systems, or just do empirical and/or theoretical research which as I mentioned before, becomes very computational now, then python is your good friend having all necessary libs, like Numpy, Pandas, MatplotLib, for playing with data in any level. If you are interested take this brief course.


You are a scientist or working in the industry? Bifurcation theory, Poincare maps, nonautonomous systems, nonlinear optics, electromagnetic waves, optical resonators, and other interesting fields of Physics. All-day you spent with interpolations, integrations, differentiations, statistics, Fourier transformations? Numpy, SciPy, and Sklearn libs are at your disposal. And of course MatPlotLib for visualization of your data and results. Oops … almost forgot. Quantum programming is one of the mainstream and revolutionary in the nowadays technical world.

Here you can find a basic example of Using Python to Solve Computational Physics Problems


You are a biologist or interested in bioinformatics? Then you are a little bit physician )) Numpy, SciPy, and Sklearn will help you. Wait … That’s not all. Biopython is suggesting a huge collection of Python tools for computational biology and bioinformatics. And also don’t forget about ete3 and Statsmodels.


You are a chemist? Then you are a little biologist, who is a little physician )) All the above-mentioned is for you. Don’t go anywhere. Who are they for? Chempy is a tool for physical/inorganic/analytical chemistry.
RMG is an automatic chemical reaction mechanism generator that constructs kinetic models composed of elementary chemical reaction steps using a general understanding of how molecules react.
RASPA2 — classical simulation package that can be used for the simulation of molecules in gases, fluids, zeolites, aluminosilicates, metal-organic frameworks, carbon nanotubes, and external fields.

Social Science

You are a social scientist? Research societies, relationships, social polls. Collect that data, find patterns, make statistics. Numpy, Pandas, MatplotLib, all ML libs with classification and regression algorithms, and many web scrapping tools all are waiting for you. Interested? Take this book.


Understanding formal language structure and logic is always a good idea for linguists. Despite this computational linguistics and neurolinguistics are pretty popular now, and Python suggests for you the NLTK platform with a huge bunch of tools.


Data journalism means using data to tell stories. For example, that could mean using infographics like in Emily Eng’s work at The Seattle Times, or it could mean presenting raw datasets to increase transparency or support a thesis, as in The Texas Tribune’s government salaries explorer.


Startups, and especially tech startups, love Python because it’s easy to use and scalable. The wildest web platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Google, and FB using python. What kind of tech solution is your startup needs desktop, mobile apps, AI, ML, Data Science, Robotics, or Web — Python is everywhere, as I mentioned above by everywhere I mean everywhere. By the way, the most spread Python web framework is called Django. Yeap! Django named after Django Reinhardt who is playing this music while you are reading this.

Still could not find yourself on this list?
Then learn Python, most probably your new partner, neighbor, or new network is from this list … or maybe your new crush. Who knows :)

Thanks for reading !!!
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I'm mathematician and programmer. Currently working at Skycryptor startup, which focuses on data encryption. Chess lover and bicyclist.

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Gegham Jivanyan

I'm mathematician and programmer. Currently working at Skycryptor startup, which focuses on data encryption. Chess lover and bicyclist.